Soul Tunes

The Big Apple.

New York city was fantastic. I had a great time seeing famous art pieces and modern collection, and all the historical buildings, they were stunning. The Met was spectacular and since I did not get a change to come back to cover all the exhibits and also the fact that I missed Broadway, this might call for a second trip in the future.

Just waiting for Ken Watanabe to play King of Siam in the “King & I”, and I will be on my way.


So here’s my problem. I take photos. A lot of them. All the time. I’m constantly looking up and away, always fascinated by the happenings around me. Ayi my neighbour doing her morning wash, uncles soaking up the morning sun on my way to work, children, logistics warehouse sorting out their Wednesday deliveries, steam coming up from a crepe pan of the seller making 山东煎饼 for breakfast…that’s to name a few. And they often end up dusty in my hard drive. Unretouched, unreviewed until 11 months later when I’d stumble upon them by chance.

But make that mistake no more, I will. So here are a couple of random shots I took while I was strolling around aimlessly at mid-day, with my camera just happened to be in my bag.

The Old Timers

The Old Timers