About R

This is a record of my journey of self-discovery. Sometimes I might write about what I saw and how they made me feel, and sometimes I might just show you how my eyes see the world around me. At times I recollect old memories, try out more recipes or learn new DIYs and post them up here too. Entries at the moment are posted at a very inconsistent rate but then again this space is also, at the moment, just a place for me to keep my storytelling skill from getting rusty once in a while.

More frequent postings can be seen on my Instagram account, mostly about my life in China for now.

I have previously lived in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, now based in Shanghai doing what I love – designing creative spaces for a living and exploring the exotic China during my free time. Someday I wish to spend a solid month exploring Central Asia.

Experiences and opinions I share here are entirely of my own unless quoted otherwise. Feel free to drop me a line or two.